Super Hero Yoga!

This is one of my absolute favorite themes to use in my kid’s yoga classes. Yoga is all about empowerment, and what could be more empowering than becoming a super hero? I love using this sequence to encourage kids to dream big and to harness their inner powers to achieve anything they want.

I typically start the class by asking kids to name some of their favorite super heroes. Depending on time, I might ask them what powers these characters have. Then I get real quiet to let them in on a little secret….Super heroes are just like us. And we can be just as amazing as these characters! Raise your hands if you want to learn how to be a super hero!!! (all hands fly up, of course).

Today, we are going to Super Hero training camp! Let’s get ready by doing some super hero breathing!

breath in, reach your arms up high (mountain pose)

breath out, put on your cape (chair plane)

After 3 breaths like this, we talk about how super heroes need to take very good care of their bodies by eating well.

Super heroes eat fruit – bananas (crescent moon)

and vegetables – lettuce (baddha konasana, folded)

(get creative here! As the kids mention other types of fruits and veggies, make up poses for them. If you get stuck, ask the kids how they would do a strawberry pose – they’ll figure one out, I promise!)

With my older classes (6-9 year olds), we do a couple of partner poses as we talk about what super heroes drink:

W is for water (double boats touching toes to make a W shape)

M is for milk (double down dogs to make an M)

Again, let the kids be creative. They will naturally start exploring other partner poses. Let them go for a few minutes, then bring them back in with an excited voice when it’s time to move on. It’s time to work on our super hero strength!  Anything goes here – do your kids have a ton of energy?  Do some jumping jacks, push ups, and jog in place. If they’re a little mellower, flow through the warrior poses. Take the opportunity here to talk about the importance of exercise to keep our bodies and healthy and happy. During the warrior poses, I always have the kids say positive affirmations; “I am strong”, “I am brave”, “I am kind”, etc.

Now that we’ve nourished our bodies with super food and strengthened our muscles and bones with super activities, let’s learn how to fly! Airplane pose, warrior III, and locust are all great options here. Sometimes I even turn on some music and let the kids fly around the room for a bit. During balancing poses, tell the kids a super special secret that will help them stay steady. Find something to look at that isn’t moving and keep your eyes on it!

Let’s work on our super hero senses! First, let’s practice using our super sight: (any twisting poses work here, I usually choose a seated twist.) Look one way, look the other way. Next, let’s practice tuning our super hearing: (this is a great way to get the kids to turn off their voices and focus on the sounds they hear around the room. I usually invite them to close their eyes so they can really focus.)

Finally, it’s very important for super heroes to rest their bodies: (savasana) During this part of the class, I like to tell the kids that they have now all graduated from Super hero training. It’s now their responsibility to be on the lookout for friends and family who might need their help, even if they just need a hug or a kind word.

Sometimes I switch it up and create a story where we hear someone calling for help and have to fly over to help a little girl get her cat out of a tree or something silly like that. Sometimes all I have to do is say that someone needs our super hero help and the kids will take the story from there. All that matters is that you are having fun, moving your bodies, and keeping things positive!

Now go save the world!





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