Halloween Yoga Poem

Halloween is ALMOST here!! I love Halloween, and this year my son finally loves it too! I wanted to quickly share with you a fun Halloween poem that I wrote last year for our Montessori Preschool Halloween Carnival. The kids “performed” yoga poses for their parents while I read the poem. Feel free to use it in your own classes or performances and let me know what you think!

Halloween Yoga Poem

Halloween is here! Hmmmm….what will I be? (Easy pose, big breath, pondering)

Should I be a cute, black cat? (cat/cow)

Or a wagging-tail puppy? (puppy dog pose)

My mom wants me to be a witch, riding on a broom, (chair pose)

My Dad says a superhero would be fun, saving the world from doom. (warrior III)

My brother will be a spider, 8 creepy legs and all (squat, wrap arms under legs)

My sister will be a fairy, dancing around so tall (dancer or arching tadasana)

I could be a creepy bat, hanging in my cave. (star, then wrap arms for prasarita with shoulder bind)

I’d love to be a firefighter- courageous, strong and brave! (Warrior I – flex on second side)

I think I’d like to be a star, shining oh so bright, (star)

Or maybe a slithering cobra – to give you all a fright! Hissssss! (cobra)

A Jack-O-Lantern! Big and round – I’ll make a funny face! (bow pose)

A zombie would be scary – rising from the grave! (press up slowly, rag doll, then rise with zombie arms)

A surfer would be really cool, but maybe a little too cold. (warrior II)

How about a wizard? Magical and bold. (reverse warrior)

I just don’t know, I can’t decide (samastitihi)

I’ll take some time a think. (big breath)

Maybe I’ll rest, and dream of the best costume for Halloween! (savasana)

Now to figure out what I’m going to do this year…

Namaste & Happy Haunting,


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