Moana Dance!

Have you seen Disney’s “Moana” yet? If not, stop reading this post and GO!

Okay – now that you’re up to speed….how great was that movie?!?! My son and I absolutely loved it, and it turns out my preschool students did too. While watching the movie, I was inspired to create a fun, Polynesian-style dance for my Montessori movement classes. I do NOT have any training in this beautiful, traditional form of movement, but I knew my kiddos wouldn’t mind and I hope you don’t either! After watching a few YouTube videos and listening intently to the words of the song, I decided to create a simple dance to the song “We Know The Way” by Lin-Manuel Miranda. I created moves that I felt would help tell the story and could easily be remembered by the kids when they heard certain key words. I created pictures to go along with those trigger words and taped them to the mirror to use as I taught the kids. Here’s a list of the images/words if you are interested in replicating it for your classes:

  • Wind/Sky
  • Sun
  • Sail (I used a pic of Moana with her oar, since our move looks like we are rowing our boat)
  • Ocean Breeze
  • Star
  • Set a Course (for this one, I actually found a picture of the little kakamora guys from the movie with their arms in the same position of our dance move).
  • Island
  • Explorers
  • Stories

Okay…ready to see it?! If you just want to watch the cute kiddos doing their thing, watch the first video. Keep in mind, this dance was just barely taught to them – in about 5 minutes.(Warning: this video might make you a little seasick! Next time I will bring a tripod…) If you are interested in teaching it to your classes and want to see the breakdown of each move and how I explained it to the kids, watch the second one.





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